A molecular nanotech sensor


Sensor Dust: The current leading edge in nanotechnology,sensor dust deploys a cloud of microscopic nanomachines, each equipped with a sensor package and a transmitter that beams information back to a coordinating nansect (an insect-sized robot).

The nansect then sends the acquired information back through a communications relay. Everything within a hundred meters of any of the nanomachines is detected and information is sent back for analysis. Scattered over a wide enough area, sensor dust is virtually invisible and capable of picking up a wide range of information. It can detect lifeforms, movement, radiation, quantum
emissions, chemical contaminants in air, soil, or water, and similar information. Novas with Electromagnetic Vision may be able to see sensor dust in an area with a difficult (+3) Awareness roll, while those with Hyperenhanced Hearing may detect the dust’s radio emissions with a similar roll. Otherwise, sensor dust is virtually undetectable without using sophisticated scanning equipment.
This is from Brainwaves, Pg 13 and I will send a copy to you if needed.


Nanotechnology: Even more potentially dangerous
than biotech is nanotechnology, tiny machines. The proliferation
of molecular-scale nanotech could totally transform
human society. Although it has not yet appeared at that scale
(and may never), it’s something Utopia watches out for. In the
meanwhile the larger (insect- and microbe-sized) nanotech
poses dangers of its own, and Utopia has generally banned
the development of nanotech weapons.

This is from Brainwaves, Pg 6 and I will send a copy to you if needed.


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