Aberrant: Discoveries

1. Ry Cavin

It was dark. Tonight, Ry gets a job offer. A job that will change his life…

A letter comes in the mail. No return address, just a simple, plain envelope with Ry’s name and address scrawled across the outside. You open the envelope, and read the letter.

Ry Cavin, I have a job for you. Don’t worry, you’ll be paid for it. Paid well, if you get me what I need. I need a bit of information regarding the governor of New York. He’s been sleeping around, I know it, but I can’t get any proof. This will be the story of the century, and I’ve heard you can get me the info. A recording, a photo, anything! If you’re interested, meet me in NYC, at Central Park in a week, the 28th. I’ll find you.

The Big Apple

You have arrived in New York, a central hub of American industry and lifestyle. New Eufiber fashion pieces are on sale at every corner, new OpNet technology is being advertised all over the place, and everyone is moving, talking, doing. It would be overwhelming to you, if it were not so boring. These people seem so ignorant of what really goes on around them, and what’s worse, they like it that way. Pitiful.

With ample time for preparations, you have the city at your fingertips. Central Park, where you supposed to meet “Zachary” at, is not far from your location. You can see the building Colette is positioned in from here, though you’ve had no word as to anyone suspicious arriving. Do you wish to wait for your contacter? The city is a valuable resource. There are many other tasks you could occupy yourself with in the meantime.


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