Here is my Aberrant game! If you’ve never played or even heard of Aberrant before, it’s a really simple, but fun, RPG that’s easy to learn and understand. Basically, you make a superhero, and the game has really, really flexible rules for doing so. I have yet to find an existing superhero that cannot be made with this system, without homebrew anything! Seriously, even like, Power Rangers and stuff.

I am willing to teach newbies how to play, but I would like at least one other player to be capable of GMing so I can play too. Only stuff from the original Aberrant book and the Player’s Handbook will be allowed, as well as any new stuff the players and myself agree upon. The game will have no player limit, and both heroes and villans are wanted! If you want to play, send me a message and I’ll add you to the roster!

Also, my belief is that if fun has a conflict with the rules, fun wins. So the rules can and will be bent.
A lot.

“Good evening, America. I have… tragic information for you all tonight. Once, our world was teetering on the peaceful edge of chaos, but now, it has been violently thrown over the edge.
So-called ‘novas’ have begun destroying what we know as civilization. Where is order when one man can shatter everything we thought was true and constant? Where is freedom when our minds can be shackled and controlled with little more than a passing thought?
We are headed for destruction, and not just our nation, but the entire world as well. My only hope is that our governments have the sense to end this, this madness! ‘Homo sapiens novus is the next step in human evolution!’
Bah. I will ask you, what will become of us non-super humans, once the novas have control? Will we bethrown aside, like an outdated computer? Or will we be destroyed in the conflicts brewing in every nation? Good night, America, and God help us all.”

—Eric Solaris, American newscaster, August 8th, 2021

Aberrant: Discoveries

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