Aberrant: Discoveries

4. Enjoying the View

Checking in on the 26th, Colette is attended to by several different bellboys helping with her luggage. She is under an assumed name and has Mr. Hanson alerted that her background will need to check out if it is questioned. She has relatively little luggage, but it is sports equipment and fairly heavy.

Colette- “I intend on taking part in the ‘HOPE’ games taking place in the Park next week,” she says and smiles as the straining bellhop.

Bellhop- “Ughh…We have OOOF a lot of visitors for that track and field contest”

Both she and the bellhop get into the elevator

Colette- “And it is all for a good cause!” she says.

They arrive at the Penthouse level. It is Floor 26 of the Essex, and is located just below the large dining hall that takes up all of the top floor. The 4 penthouses are of presidential quality, and if checked out, someone would find that there are 2 of the 4 currently rented for the next few weeks. One is to the Diplomatic mission from Kazakistan, a group of 8 or 10 diplomats who are here for the United Nations African relief meeting, and the other is rented to a an up and coming amateur track and field star who will be participating in the ‘HOPE’ games.

The bellhop give Colette the key for the room, and a pamphlet for numbers to contact if she needs anything. Colette searches for cash and finds none in her blouse. Embarrased, instead of cash she reaches downward and gives him a kiss on the cheek while holding his shoulder.

The bellhop turns red and he is much embarrassed, but he is satisfied with the tip she has given him.
110 million one57 penthouse new york

Colette (aka Alicia Royce) makes sure the room door is shut, and pushes the button that closes all of the windows.

She opens her first piece of luggage and goes to work!


Colette first changes clothes into some old jeans and a sweatshirt in the bathroom. Using an item developed by Hanson, she picks up the small ‘alarm clock’ and by turning a knob, she sweeps the room for bugs and electronics.

Finding none, she uses the second bathroom as her ‘base’. It is good sized and fairly quiet inside. She first takes a loaded ruger, places it inside a freezer bag and drops it into the back of the toilet. On the wide marble sink, she places some electronics from her duffel bag and begins assembling them. Shortly she has a communication device with coding capability. She drags a chair in from the suite and sits and places an ear bud in.

She listens to a conversation the bellboy is having in the office downstairs. Sh placed a tracker/bug on him earlier when he was kissed. She start a recording device for his conversations.

Outside in the dining room area, she places physical items that, if moved, would alert her to someone being in the room. She also puts another loaded Ruger inside the newspaper on the counter.

She enters the kitchen area and removes the forks/knives/spoons tray from the drawer and replaces it with a couple of large wicked looking knives. Far across the room in the TV area, she tapes a smoke grenade and a c-30 high explosive grenade under the coffee table.

She looks about the room at the preparations and smiles. She rolls out a map of this floor and the floor above, and tapes it down to the counter. Exits and entrances are marked in red. She also reads an encrypted message which describes where Ry will be in Central park on the 28th. Then she burns it and drops it in the trash can.

The last thing left is the Assembly of her God-maker. She begins to pull odd looking pieces of metal out of different bags and putting them on the coffee table.

4. Enjoying the View

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