Aberrant: Discoveries

2. HELL breaks loose

Ry Cavin, I have a job for you. Don’t worry, you’ll be paid for it. Paid well, if you get me what I need. I need a bit of information regarding the governor of New York. He’s been sleeping around, I know it, but I can’t get any proof. This will be the story of the century, and I’ve heard you can get me the info. A recording, a photo, anything! If you’re interested, meet me in NYC, at Central Park in a week, the 28th. I’ll find you.
bq). —Zachary

Ry slammed his secure monitor down. There it was. Not only his identity compromised, but an unsolicited job coming to their secure mail drop. He thought for a second and then dialed Tim Hanson. Tim answered from his Majorca balcony, his feet up and looking out over the scenery-


[Phone Conversation]

Hanson- “Ry, I was going to….”
Cavin- “I know, but this situation requires IMMEDIATE attention.”
Hanson- “It was unusual, but I needed to pass it on to you anyway.”
Cavin- “And you have done the normal checks….scanner and such…”
Hanson- “I even checked out the mailroute all the way back to Barcelona. No dice.”
Cavin- “Hmmmm”
Hanson- “So we have someone who not only knows our address to our PO Box, but we also have someone who knows our business and other business details. Its incredible. It’s never happened before.”
Cavin- "We need to check previous customers…Parker, Wiese, EVERYBODY in the last year. Someone is dishing out information to others. Up to now, we were secure. WE approached customers. WE set agendas. Now we have a compromise.
Hanson- “But the other customers…they didn’t know your name or anything.”
Cavin- “Check them out anyway. Once the secrecy is gone, we are just another office on Main Street with you and I working in open cubicles.”
Hanson- “(Pause) Should we take actions for travel to NY?”
Cavin- Yes….and send Colette ahead. She will need all special equipment.
Hanson- “Yes Sir!”
Cavin- “And Hanson…”
Hanson- “Yes”
Cavin- “I need answers. Pull strings and do what you need to do. Use HACKSAW.”


Ry scratched his head and appeared deep in thought. There was so much he needed to do in 7 days!


A week goes by…

The HACKSAW anlysis came up with little of importance. A couple of stray energies here, a few minerals in the ink of the letter, but nothing that could tell you who this mysterious sender was. With Colette stationed in New York, you have kept tabs on some suspicious characters, but those leads were dead ends. Apparently, this man does not exist.

Now comes the important decision: Does Ry expose himself to this mystery man, or play it safe, knowing there is someone out there who knows his secrets?

2. HELL breaks loose

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