Aberrant: Discoveries

1. Ry Cavin

It was dark. Tonight, Ry gets a job offer. A job that will change his life…

A letter comes in the mail. No return address, just a simple, plain envelope with Ry’s name and address scrawled across the outside. You open the envelope, and read the letter.

Ry Cavin, I have a job for you. Don’t worry, you’ll be paid for it. Paid well, if you get me what I need. I need a bit of information regarding the governor of New York. He’s been sleeping around, I know it, but I can’t get any proof. This will be the story of the century, and I’ve heard you can get me the info. A recording, a photo, anything! If you’re interested, meet me in NYC, at Central Park in a week, the 28th. I’ll find you.



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