Aberrant: Discoveries

3. The pieces are placed on the board

Ry broods in his office underground on his island retreat. “What can be done that hasn’t been done already?” he thinks as he holds his head in his hands.

He checks his secure line, tests it with a brief message and calls Colette.

Ry- “Hello Colette…can you talk?”

Colette- “Yes, that will be fine. I am arriving shortly to the preset spot.”

Ry- “Did you get a room with a view?”

Colette- “Certainly. A nice and comfortable room.”

Ry- "I will be leaving soon for a visit, and all communications will be needing to go through “territory U”, understand. “Territory U”

Colette- “I understand and await Z time, Ry.”

Ry- Goodbye…[click]



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